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Tourism and B2B meet on ‘Bodh Gaya - A spiritual journey’ (March 04th, 2022)

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The Consulate General of India, Ho Chi Minh City organised a tourism a B2B meet on ‘Bodh Gaya - A spiritual journey’ on March 04th, 2022. The meet was aimed at looking at the phase of opening of both India and Vietnam for tourism purposes and to provide the stakeholders an opportunity to understand the facilities and possibilities in the Indian province of Bihar, home to a large number of Buddhist sites which attract many travelers from Vietnam.

T?ng Lãnh s? quán ?n ?? t?i Thành ph? H? Chí Minh t? ch?c bu?i g?p g? k?t n?i doanh nghi?p du l?ch ‘Bodh Gaya – Hành trình tâm linh’ vào chi?u ngày 04 tháng 03 n?m 2022. H?i th?o nh?m m?c ?ích nhìn nh?n xu h??ng du l?ch giai ?o?n ‘m? c?a ph?c h?i’ c?a ?n ?? và Vi?t Nam và cung c?p thông tin cho các bên liên quan v? c? h?i và ti?m n?ng du l?ch c?a bang Bihar, n?i có nhi?u ?i?m ??n Ph?t giáo thu hút nhi?u du khách t? Vi?t Nam.

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