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Visit of Consul General to Khanh Hoa Province 12-13.01.2023

Posted on: January 14, 2023 | Back | Print

“ Yesterday, Consul General attended the Lunar New Year reception hosted by the Province of Khanh Hoa at Nha Trang, a very beautiful and picturesque city. Consul General was given the opportunity by the leaders of the province to speak on our relationship before attendees of about 300 people. In year 2022, the Embassy and the Consulate had multiple engagements in areas of trade, tourism, culture with the province. Our multiple engagements with all provinces under the jurisdiction of the Indian consulate is getting attention from the Provinces. 

The economic out look of Vietnam for 2023 is out, there is all positive on all sectors of Vietnam economy, it is the time our corporates and entrepreneurs must explore partnership and business with their counterparts in Vietnam.

Today, the Indian Consul General had a three hours long meeting with senior officials of all departments to host the first India - Central Provinces (Vietnam) business and investment forum from 1-3 March 2023. Extensive engagements will be in areas of trade, investment, education, IT, tourism and healthcare. Indian Chamber of Commerce is leading a hundred members delegation to Nha Trang City. The meeting will be the trend setter for our future engagements.“

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