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Vibrant Kongu Nadu Coimbatore Global Expo and Summit 2020 (VKC GES 2020)

Posted on: February 18, 2020 | Back | Print

The Vibrant Kongu Nadu Coimbatore Global Expo and Summit 2020 (VKC GES 2020)

The Vibrant Kongu Nadu Coimbatore Global Expo and Summit 2020 (VKC GES 2020) (www.vibrantcoimbatore.com) will be held in Coimbatore between October 16-18, 2020. This first of its kind international expo will focus on multi-sectoral practical opportunities for KonguNadu. Bringing importers, investors, key sectoral manufacturers, technologists, service providers and traders together on a common platform to discuss, share, debate and celebrate the best of key focus sectors of Kongu Nadu. The Vibrant Kongu Nadu Coimbatore will be an international event and will be registering its name in key commercial milestones of the year with 250+ Kongu Nadu based companies as exhibitors..

The VKC-GES 2020 is a joint initiative of the Vibrant Coimbatore Foundation in partnership with Global Network, an international trade advisory firm.

The knowledge summit at VKC GES 2020 will be organized concurrently with the international Expo with an aim to bridge the gap between Kongu Nadu industries and other national as well as international players. “Moreover, internationally acknowledged and successful 'Kongu Nadu' ans' hailing from over 20 different countries shall be making a memorable visit to their native soil,”

Key Sectors of focus:

 Agro and Food Processing

FMCG and Consumer Goods

Textiles and Apparels

IT (Information Technology)

Light Engineering

Automotive Engineering and components

Heavy Engineering

Startups and Start-up Institutions

Gems and Jewellery


Building Materials, construction and Real Estate

Aerospace and Defence

Tourism and wellness

Services and other sectors

Support needed from the Consulate General of India, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Providing us with the list of companies from the above sectors to invite them to Vibrant Kongunadu Coimbatore 2020.

  • Publishing about Vibrant Kongu Nadu 2020 on the website and social media of Consulate General of India.

The following are the benefits to delegates from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam when they visit Vibrant Kongu Nadu Coimbatore 2020:

  • Complimentary 3 nights’ accommodation at star hotel in Coimbatore, India.

  • Complimentary all meals for 3 days

  • Complimentary all local transport for 3 days

  • Sight-seeing plan

  • Factory visits to top companies as per the request

  • B2B meetings

  • B2G meetings with Government officials

  • Intern buddy with delegates for all 3 days 

  • Exhibition visit

  • Summit participation

  • Investment opportunities