About Us COVID-19 Registration for Stranded Indian Nationals in Vietnam

COVID-19 Registration for Stranded Indian Nationals in Vietnam

Government of India is planning to facilitate the return of Indian nationals stranded abroad due to COVID-19 pandemic in a phased manner. This facility is available to Indian nationals wishing to return to India for compelling reasons and would be made available on payment basis through non­scheduled commercial flights.

Medical screening of passengers would be done before embarkation. Only asymptomatic passengers would be allowed to travel. During the journey, all these passengers would have to follow the health protocols and other guidelines, issued by Government of India agencies.

On reaching the destination, all arrivals must register on the ArogyaSetu App and be medically screened. After scrutiny, they would be quarantined for 14 days, either in a hospital or in an institutional quarantine on payment basis, by the State Government concerned. COVID test would be done after 14 days and further action would be taken according to health protocols.

As a contingency planning exercise, the Embassy of India in Hanoi is preparing a list of stranded Indian nationals in Vietnam. If you are an Indian national in Vietnam with compelling reasons to travel to India, please register yourself by filling up the Information sheet at the following link. This will allow us to add you to the list and keep you informed of further developments.


Please contact us for any assistance at COVID-19 helpline numbers:

Embassy of India, Hanoi
Dr. Ch. V. Sastry, SS (Consular)
mob: +84-914991424 / +84-948853067

Consulate General of India, Ho Chi Minh City
Shri Sumit Chaudhary
mob: +84-917180776

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