About Us Important Advisory regarding Vande Bharat Mission from Vietnam to India

Inside material :

As part of the "Vande Bharat Mission", Air India will operate its first flight (AI 1345) on Saturday, 6th June 2020 at 1810 hrs from Ho Chi Minh City for return of Indian nationals stranded in Vietnam due to COVID-19. Only those passengers who have registered with the Embassy of India will be considered for flying. Since the capacity in the first flight will be less than the total number of registered persons, selection of passengers will be based on the criteria of compelling reason indicated during the registration process. Priority will be given to those facing medical emergencies, death in family, pregnant women, elderly, students, deportees, laid off workers and stranded tourists.

The list of selected passengers will be shared by the Embassy with Air India who will contact the passengers directly by e-mail with details of flight and fares etc. We will also alert the selected passengers in advance to expect such e-mail from Air India. Please follow the guidelines in Air India’s email for booking the ticket. As advised during the registration, the cost of travel will be borne by the passenger. If the shortlisted passenger fails to purchase the ticket within 24 hrs of intimation, his/her seat will be allotted to the next passenger in the priority list. Passengers who are booked for the flight and live outside Ho Chi Minh City are advised to reach Ho Chi Minh City well in advance to board the flight. It may be noted that only asymptomatic passengers will be allowed to board after thermal screening.

The first flight (AI 1345) will operate on Ho Chi Minh City – Mumbai – Kochi sector. Passengers who in their registration have shown their final destination/domicile in the States of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and UT of Puducherry will disembark at Kochi. Passengers for all other destinations in India will disembark at Mumbai. On disembarkation, passengers will be required to download and register on the Arogya Setu App. Passengers will be required to undergo a 14-day paid quarantine at the disembarkation point – Kochi or Mumbai as the case may be, at a quarantine facility at their own expense. An Indicative list of such facilities and the estimated rates will be shared separately.

All passengers will be mandatorily required to handover a signed Undertaking cum Indemnity Bond before boarding the flight and fill in a self-reporting form which is to be handed over at the Health and Immigration Counter at the arrival airport. Copies of both these forms may be downloaded from https://bit.ly/3bXvL5T. All passengers will be required to follow the protocols and procedures including Health Protocols issued by the Government of Vietnam at the time of departure and by Government of India before, during the journey and after arrival in India.

We will humbly request your understanding in case you are not selected for the first flight. We expect another flight to be scheduled in the coming weeks. Meanwhile please reach out to us for any queries or any emergency requirement at the following coordinates:

Dr. C. V. Sastry, SS (Consular), EOI, Hanoi
Mob: +84-914991424
E-mail: cons.hanoi@mea.gov.in

Shri Sumit Chaudhary, ASO (Consular), CGI, HCMC
Mob: +84-917180776
E-mail: cons.hcm@mea.gov.in