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Tendering for UG/L & E (Phase-II) Kolkata Metro East West Line Project

Tendering for UG/L & E (Phase-II) Kolkata Metro East West Line Project is being initiated by calling an International Competitive Bid for "Detailed Design, Detailed Engineering, Prototype, Manufacture, Supply, Delivery & Storage at site, Installation, Testing & Commissioning (Including Integrated Testing & Commissioning), Training of Personnel, Demonstration of Performance of System/Equipment, Annual Maintenance Contract of Lift & Escalator System (L & E) of Four Underground Stations for the Kolkata Metro East-West Line Project (Phase-II): UG/L & E-II.

2.  The tender documents & notice shall be available on KMRC's website www.kmrc.in and https://kmrcl.euniwizarde.com from the same date. The last date of submission of bid is 19.07.2019 at 15.00 hrs.

Procurement of Instruments and Up-gradation of Infrastructure for Revenue Laboratories, as per DPR, by Central Board of Excise and Customs, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

The Directorate of Logistics, Central Board of Excise and Customs, Department of Revenue has floated a Global Tender for supply, installation and commissioning of (i) Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer - Mass Spectrometer (LCMS-MS) [No. 49(AS)/2018), (ii) Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GCMS) [No.50(AS)/2018]. (iii) Pyrolysis Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (Pyrolysis GCMS) [No.51(AS)/2018], and (iv) High Performance Thin Layer Chromatograph- Mass Spectrometer (HPTLC-MS) [No.52(AS)/2018), for laboratories of Customs & Central Excise and the same have been uploaded on the Central Public Procurement Portal website on 22.05.2018.

2.  The Tenders are available on e-Portal for submission of bids online upto 1300 hours on 06.07.2018. The tenders will be opened online athttp://eprocure.gov.in at 1500 hours on 09.07.2018. Interested Tenderers/bidders may download the Tender Enquiry Documents (TED) and submit their tenders online at Central Public Procurement Portal website: https://eprocure.gov.in/eprocure/app./

Global Tender Notice(s) by CBEC for procurement of Instruments

Global Tender Notice(s)
 by Central Board of Excise and Customs, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India - for procurement of instruments and upgradation of infrastructure for Revenue Laboratories.


Global Tender notice - Supply of Desorption Canisters, Portable Micro GC etc.

Tender documents, containing complete technical and commercial details are available for downloading on the following websites 
www.cmpdi.co.inwww.coalindiatenders.gov.in and e-procure.gov.in 
(for online bidding and details/methodology to be adopted www.coalindiatenders.gov.in is to be visited)'

- Global Invitation for Supply of CNG and Battery Powered Passenger Transport Vehicles. More information can be found here file1 and file2. 

 - BHEL-EDN CE-MM-PR has floated the subject Open Tenders for COAL BUNKER LEVEL MONITORING SYSTEM – ULTRASONIC/RADAR TYPE TYPE - RFQ No. PVR0000040 and 3D TYPE - RFQ No. PVR0000041 for DVC Bokaro Thermal Power Station 'A', 1 x 500 MW TPP – CHP Package. Please refer The Hindu, Times of India and KannadaPrabha - 09.09.2015 issue for the press advertisement - tender notification. More information can be found in file1file2, file 3. 

- Invitation to all stakeholders/prospective bidders for the project of coal movement to NTPC Plant at Barh through NW-1. More information can be found here. 

- Indian Government Tenders Information System:  http://www.tenders.gov.in/