The COVID-19 Pandemic around the world has taken the world by storm and people are experiencing the best and worst of human emotions – empathy, sympathy, kindness, concern, anger, frustration, social cohesiveness and bravery among others. For aeons, emotions of this nature has driven creative thought across the world, with people coming out with innovative ideas and ways to deal with these turbulent times. People use myriad methods, including spirituality, self-introspection, exercise and especially Art to express these emotions.  With an aim to encourage people to express their emotions, feelings, ideas and innovative thoughts on the ongoing pandemic, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), an autonomous organization of the Government of India with its focus on building cultural links with countries around the world and connecting people to people through Cultural and Educational exchanges, calls on Indians and citizens of the world to express these emotions through an art competition entitled ´United against CORONA- Express through Art´.  The competition will commence on 2nd April 2020 and the deadline for entry will be 1st May 2020. All details, including guidelines related to the competition are available on ICCR’s website https://www.iccr.gov.in/ .