About Us India-Vietnam Cultural Relations

India and Vietnam share age-old cultural and civilizational links with regular exchanges. Elements of Indiancivilization through art, architecture, knowledge traditions and philosophies etc. were introduced by merchants,artists and monks since the first millennia CE. Oc Eo culture of the Fu Nan Civilization and Champa Civilization inSouth and Central Vietnam played a significant role in linking Indian cultural elements and practices with Vietnam.The message of Lord Buddha was introduced to Vietnam by Indian Buddhist masters since 2nd century CE. In themodern historical context, the late 19th and early 20th century witnessed many people from southern Indiatravelling to Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) for business and living. At its peak, the Indian community in Saigon isbelieved to have numbered nearly 30,000.

Our modern-day cultural engagement is facilitated by the Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre in Hanoi, which wasestablished in September 2016 to promote a comprehensive understanding of India and to foster closer linksbetween peoples of both countries through cultural exchanges.

SVCC organizes cultural events covering various aspects of Indian culture and history including art, dance,literature, festivals, national personalities, freedom movement etc. Promotion of Yoga is also an important part ofSVCC’s activities including organizing events to mark the International Day of Yoga every year.

SVCC also focusses on highlighting historical, cultural and civilizational linkages between India and Vietnam. Theseinclude organizing events related to the Cham and Oc Eo traditions of Vietnam which have significant Indianlinkages. The cultural restoration work of Cham temple complexes being undertaken by Government of India atthe UNESCO World Heritage site at My Son is a prime example of this cultural connection between India andVietnam. The Cham Museum at Da Nang also houses many artifacts showcasing Indian cultural imprint in Vietnam.

Strengthening India-Vietnam Buddhist linkages is a key focus of SVCC. SVCC collaborates with Buddhistorganisations in Vietnam to celebrate important festivals like Vesak and Asadha Poornima