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Registration for Covid-19 vaccination

Posted on: July 26, 2021 | Back | Print

The Department of External Affairs in Ho Chi Minh City has requested the Consulate to furnish to them data on Indian nationals working and residing in HCMC to enable them to compile the data for considering appropriate vaccination plans for foreign nationals. Indian nationals who are interested in getting vaccinated are requested to register themselves and their family members in Vietnam through this QR Code, latest by 1000hrs on Tuesday (27th July, 2021), so that the information could be conveyed to Department of External Relations, Ho Chi Minh City. Kindly note that registration is required for only those individuals who have not yet received the Covid-19 vaccination. Individuals who have received even the first dose may need not register.

Registration can be done either with the Indian Consulate or with INCHAM.

In case you are unable to scan the QR code below, kindly follow this link to access the registration form