About Us Advisory for e-Visa Applicants

Advisory for e-Visa Applicants

There have been instances of fraudulent e-Visa websites claiming to provide e-Visa / e-Tourist visa to foreigners who want to travel to India.  Applicants are cautioned not to deal with the fake websites which claim to be genuine government websites. Government of India has not authorized any company or entity to facilitate e-visa service. All such websites are fake and are designed to dupe the applicants of their money. They may also misuse the applicant’s personal data.

e-Visa applicants are advised to directly visit our official e-Visa website as follows:
It may also be noted that e-Visa involves online application for which no facilitation is required by any intermediary / agent etc.  For any clarification or doubt about e-Visa, applicants may write an email to indiatvoa[at]gov[dot]in or contact e-Visa helpdesk at : +91-11-24300666 (24x7).
E-Visa application is a four-step process involving:

  1. Application online, upload photo and data page of your passport.
  2. Payment of e-Visa fee online,
  3. Receive Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) at your email ID and
  4. Print ETA and fly to India with Passport and ETA.

For availing e-Visa, obtaining ETA through above procedure is mandatory. Without ETA, the airline would not allow boarding. E-Visa applicants travelling to India on a passport other than the passport mentioned in ETA, will be allowed entry into India provided that they also carry with them the old passport on which ETA was issued. 
E-visa facility is available for following five categories of visa:

  1. e-Tourist visa
  2. e-Business visa
  3. e-Medical visa
  4. e-Medical Attendant Visa, and
  5. e-Conference Visa

The guidelines for availing e-visa are as follows:

e-Tourist Visa: e-Tourist visa can be availed for maximum one year with multiple entry. Continuous stay of a foreigner on e-Visa should not exceed 90 days. The limit for continuous stay in respect of nationals of USA, UK, Canada and Japan is 180 days. 

e-Business Visa: e-Business visa can be issued upto one year with multiple entries. The continuous stay on e-Business visa should not exceed 180 days in case of nationals of all countries who are eligible for grant of e-Business Visa. However, if the intention of a foreigner is to stay beyond 180 days on e-Business Visa, the registration with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) will be required.

e-Medical Visa & e-Medical Attendant Visa: e-Medical visa can be granted for 60 days with triple entries. Two e-Medical attendant visas can be granted with one e-Medical visa. 

e-Conference Visa: e-Conference visa can be granted for 30 days with single entry. 

A foreigner (except those applying for e-Conference Visa) will be allowed to club activities permitted under these categories. Foreigners applying for e-Conference visa will be permitted to club the activities permitted under e-Tourist visa only. 

E-tourist visa will be provided at 28 designated international airport. It will also be provided at 5 major Indian ports, Mumbai, Cochin, Goa, Chennai and Mangalore to help tourists coming on cruise ships.

e-Visa applicants are not required to visit the Consulate. Capturing of biometrics for e-visa holders will be done on arrival at the immigration check points in India.