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TOURIST VISA: For recreation, sight-seeing, casual visit to meet friends and relatives and attending short term yoga programme. Documents such as original passport, copy of passport (data pages), air-booking, and hotel accommodation should be enclosed with the application. Tourist visa for up to 60 days can also be applied under e-Visa Scheme. 

BUSINESS VISA: To establish an industrial/business venture; to explore possibilities to set up industrial/business venture; purchase/sell industrial products in India; attending technical meetings/Board meetings/ general business services meetings and participation in exhibitions, trade fairs, etc.  The applicant should be a person of assured financial standing and has the expertise in the field of the intended business.  Business visa for short duration can also be applied under e-Visa Scheme. 

Foreigners/Non-Vietnamese citizens applying for business visas from Vietnam must attach, among other documents, proof of having completed two years of stay in Vietnam on their work / residence permit. 
Apart from application and original passport, travel itinerary/air booking, copy of passport and Vietnamese visa/work permit/resident card (in case of foreign nationals), invitation from Indian company and sponsorship letter from applicant’s employer/company in Vietnam are required for Business visa. Besides, please ensure that you have filled the Additional Form for business visa. The additional form is designed to serve the business visa applicants better.

ENTRY VISA: Entry Visa is granted to person’s spouse and dependent family members of a foreign national coming to India on long term visas like employment, business and research visas.  It is also granted to Persons of Indian Origin, his/her spouse and dependent children subject to production of proof of the PIO status, marriage certificate (in respect of spouse) and birth certificate (in respect of children). Spouses of an OCI card holders and dependent children can also apply for entry visa. Entry Visa is not granted to spouse or child of a person of Indian origin or spouse or dependent family member of a foreign national coming to India on long term visa if they are or have been nationals of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China or Sri Lanka, or are Vietnamese citizens of Pakistan origin.

MEDICAL VISA: Medical treatment including treatment under Indian system of medicine. It is not granted to visit India for commissioning surrogacy. A short term medical visa up to 60 days can also be applied under e-Visa Scheme.   Applicant has to enclose along with visa application, confirmation letter for admission from the recognised hospital in India and proof of adequate finances such as bank statement or financial guarantee from family/relative to meet the cost of the medical treatment and stay in India.

STUDENT VISA: For bona fide students to pursue regular studies at the recognized institutions in India. An original letter of confirmed admission from university / college / institution along with evidence of financial support from parents/guardians to meet various expenses in India.

INTERN VISA: For those who intend to do internship with Indian companies, educational institutions and NGOs. Internship visa should be availed immediately after completion of graduation or post graduation and the gap between graduation/post graduation and the date of commencement of internship should not be more than 1 year. Interns cannot take up employment during or immediately after completion of internship in India. The earnings from internship will be subject to income tax regulations in India. Application should accompany a letter of offer for internship by Indian company/educational institute or NGO along with and educational degrees/certificates of the applicant.

RESEARCH VISA: The applicants should produce original letter of admission from the approved Indian universities/Institutions, a self-explained note on the subject of the research and proof of sufficient financial resources. E-mails or photocopies of admission letters will not be accepted. 

EMPLOYMENT VISA: Employment Visa is issued for a maximum period of one year or the term of contract, whichever is less. It is issued to highly qualified/skilled/specialised professionals. The applicant is required to have a comprehensive and detailed original Appointment Letter specifying the terms and conditions of employment including the pay structure, nature of job, period; recommendation letter from the present employer wherever applicable; Bio-data/CV/Resume (qualification and work experience) of the applicant; certificate of Registration of the Company with the Registrar of Companies in India and justification letter from the employer for the need to hire a foreigner. Applicants who wish to volunteer or work for charities with non-profit organisations/NGO also require employment visa. In such cases, an original letter issued by the sponsoring organisation giving complete details of the organisation, its registration and the nature of activities should be enclosed. 

TRANSIT VISA: This is granted for the sole purpose of enabling the holder to travel through India to reach his/her ultimate destination. The visa will be valid for a single or maximum double entry within fifteen days from the date of issue. The Transit visa is valid for direct transit only for a maximum period of 03 days of stay in India. Confirmed Air Ticket for onward journey and valid visa for final destination are required. For stay in India beyond 03 days an appropriate visa should be obtained.

JOURNALIST VISA: This visa is given to professional journalists and photographers who wish to visit India to cover various events or foreign correspondents to work in India. If you intend to make a FILM or DOCUMENTARY in India, please contact the Consulate General of India, Ho Chi Minh City.

e-VISA: e-Visa/e-Tourist visa seekers are advised to visit website: 

e-Visa is a four-step process involving (i) Application online, (ii) Payment of Processing Fee online, (iii) Receive Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) at your email ID and (iv) Fly to India with Passport and ETA. Obtaining ETA through above procedure is mandatory for e-Visa. Without ETA, the airline would not allow boarding.

There are three categories of visas that can be availed under e-Visa (i) e-Tourist visa, (ii) e-Business visa and (iii) e-Medical visa.

e-Visa does not require any facilitation by any intermediary / agent etc.  For any clarification or doubt about e-tourist visa, applicants may write to indiatvoa[at]gov[dot]in

For any other type of visa, please write to the Consulate on e-mail id cons[dot]hcm[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in

Ayush (AY) Visa:
Government of India has introduced a new visa i.e. Ayush (AY) Visa.  Foreigners desirous of visiting India for treatment under Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (Ayush) Systems/Indian Systems of medicine may apply for Ayush (AY) Visa, e-Ayush Visa and e-Ayush Attendant Visa.