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Hybrid Business Investment Networking in Textile on 24/01/2024

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Yesterday, the Consulate General of India successfully organized the Hybrid Business Investment Networking event in Textile with the participation of more than 30 Vietnamese companies. The Consul General of India joined the event and emphasized that textile is one of the most important sectors of India, and there are many cooperation opportunities for businesses from both countries in this sector.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai, Deputy Secretary General of the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS) participated, gave a presentation on the Vietnamese textile industry, and talked about possible cooperation between India and Vietnam, such as Vietnam importing cotton from India, cooperating in digital transformation and wastewater treatment technology with India, and India investing in green projects in Vietnam. Dr. Suruchi Mittar, Vice President, Invest India talked about the Indian textile industry and India's perspective on cooperation with Vietnam in Textile.

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Bà Nguy?n Th? Tuy?t Mai, Phó T?ng th? ký Hi?p h?i D?t may Vi?t Nam (VITAS) ?ã tham d?, trình bày v? ngành d?t may Vi?t Nam, trao ??i v? kh? n?ng h?p tác gi?a ?n ?? và Vi?t Nam nh? vi?c Vi?t Nam nh?p kh?u bông t? ?n ??, h?p tác v? chuy?n ??i s? và công ngh? x? lý n??c th?i v?i ?n ??, ?n ?? ??u t? vào các d? án xanh t?i Vi?t Nam. Ti?n s? Suruchi Mittar, Phó Ch? t?ch c?a Invest India ?ã trình bày v? ngành d?t may ?n ?? và quan ?i?m c?a ?n ?? trong h?p tác v?i Vi?t Nam trong l?nh v?c D?t may.

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